Rachel’s Revenge

I gave notice this week to my family. Starting Sunday, and for each of the following twelve Sundays, I will not be available for raucous family gatherings, my voice will be absent from the harmonized yelling at nightly news anchors, levels of mockery and ridicule will drop to all time lows and if anyone has a heart attack they should call 911 because ladies and gents, The Last Ship is back on TV. Like many fans, I have waited ten grueling months for the season three premiere, fueled onward by cast photos and the dogmatic belief that the writers room will Shakespeare forth another outstanding season. My family has finally given up hope that I’ll reform my fangirl ways and they only gave me the slightest of eye rolls at my announcement.

Now I should admit that I’ve already seen the first part of the premiere. TNT pulled a fast one on the fans Memorial Day when they ran a marathon with all thirteen episodes of season two and then aired the first episode of season three under the misnomer ‘First Look’. I missed the marathon because I was stuck on a plane staffed by flight attendants channeling the Wicked Witch of the West and there wasn’t one bucket of water in sight. Bless my DVR’s CPU though, it recorded the show and I only debated watching this sneak peak for about eight seconds before I turned it on and . . .  well, no spoilers here!

Suffice to say it’ll make your heart pound. Part of my adoration of the show is the respect the writer’s have for the viewers. They don’t spell everything out for us, instead they let us have those blissful ‘ah ha’ moments when we figure out what happened or where the story line is headed. They also excel at throwing agonizing curve balls. More than one beloved character was killed off last season and some of us are still mourning those losses. It was the cliff hanger, when Dr. Scott is shot and her survival is in question, that garnered the most attention. Social media became a battle zone between those that refuse to watch the series without her, and those that would consider her death a natural part of the story line.  Shocking declarations of fans’ refusal to watch season 3 if she is indeed dead astound me. I think this panicked attitude speaks highly to both Rhona Mitra’s portrayal of Scott and the writers’ ability to make her a beloved character.

In honor of our favorite character whose fate will be revealed June 12th, I thought she should have her very on drink. Something we can use to toast her good fortune or to drown out our sorrows. Since Rachel is British, the base is good old fashioned tea, but let’s squash any notion that this is a hot drink. Since she spent the last two seasons on an American destroyer we’re drinking this cold! From everything we’ve seen of Scott, she’s sweet, deceptively strong and has a dark side you should not underestimate. Remember her kick ass moves on the Russian vessel in season one? Or how about how she helped Neils’ meet his maker in season two? Yes, for a woman like that you need something with a punch. I present to you “Rachel’s Revenge.”

A drink worthy of a strong heroine.
A drink worthy of a strong heroine.

Rachel’s Revenge
4 1/4 cups water
4 green tea bags, as fancy as you’d like
1 teaspoon fresh lemon zest
6 oz. fresh blackberries
1/4 cup sugar – or any sweetener you choose
Silver Tequila to taste
Fresh Basil for garnish

  1. Boil 4 cups of water. Make sure the water is actually boiling and not just bubbling – a distinction that is apparently quite British. Once the water boils, toss in the tea bags and turn of the heat. Let the tea steep 3-5 minutes of until it’s the strength you prefere. Remove the tea bags and put the tea in the fridge to get good and cold.
  2. Wash and drain the blackberries. Use a blender to turn them into juice. If you don’t want seeds in your drink, you’ll have to use a strainer to remove them. Or, if you’re lazy like me, count them as extra fiber and move along. Heat the blackberry juice, sugar and remaining 1/4 c. of water until it’s hot, but NOT boiling. Once all the sugar is melted, remove from heat and add the lemon zest. Cool your syrup.
    (**I tried making this blackberry syrup with honey, but the honey overpowered the fruit. Still, you can use any combination of sweeter so long as the result is a nearly sickeningly sweet concoction.) Cool the syrup.
  3. Grab a glass and fill it with ice. Depending on how sweet you like your tea, I used 1/3 blackberry syrup to 2/3 green tea. Add in a shot (or three) of tequila, garnish with basil or herb of your choice. Et Voila!

Please enjoy responsibly 🙂

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